Version 2.0 released

-Support directly input Chinese Phrases and Idioms.

Enjoy it!


About Author

Input Method of Hanzi on OS/2-eCS

Bridge2 - Hi (Hi is the abbreviation of Hanzi Input) is an Input-Method software for Chinese characters. 'Hanzi' is the written pronunciation of - means Chinese character. You can use Bridge2-Hi to input Hanzi into any PM application running on the OS/2 - eCS platform.

Bridge2-Hi is a Shareware, it's written in Pascal and compiled by Virtual Pascal and WDSibyl.

Why should you use Bridge2_Hi ?

Use Firefox browsing Chinese web pages, finding out information what you want in the Chinese world with searching in Chinese language;

Use Thunderbird handling Chinese email;

Use NVU or BlueGriffon editing & publishing Chinese web pages; (by which the web pages were made up)

Use Open Office Write writing text file in Chinese language;

Use Open Office Calculate making Chinese data sheets;

Use Open Office Impress making Chinese presentation files;

Use Open Office Draw drawing pictures with Chinese characters;

Use Maul Publisher making poster & brochures in Chinese language;

Use Emblish, Photo->Graphics or JPhotoGraph producing colorful pictures with Chinese characters;

... in facts you can use any PM application software handling Hanzi as long as it support DBCS languages.

Functions in version 2.x

1. Directly input Phrases and idioms. At moment only support Easy Pinyin and GBK encoding.

2. Support input into version above 2.0.

3. Input Method: Easy Pinyin Input Method.

4. Encoding: Chinese Simplified GBK and Chinese Traditional Big5.

5. Support total 21000 Chinese characters (simplified, traditional Hanzi and including common used Hanzi in Korea and Japan) and 101 special characters.

6. The phrases are common used in contemporary society and the idioms have their own long histories. Most of them are composed with simplified Hanzi.

7. on-line toggling between the Chinese punctuation marks and western punctuation marks.

Download the latest version

You can download the version 2.0 in Wpi format from here>>>.

Register Bridge2-Hi

You are welcome to register Bridge2-Hi at Mensys  to support the author continuously developing and maintaining the product.

Planning functions in the future versions

Original plan is changed!

Add Stroke Input Method will be implemented in the version 3.0 instead of 2.0. That means with that release you can input Hanzi by the strokes of the character itself, even if you are not good at Mandarin Chinese speaking or not familiar with Hanyu-Pinyin system.

In version 2.x, two functions will be added.

One is Phrase Input Method (based on the Easy Pinyin and the other stroke IME), that means you can quickly input a Chinese multi-characters phrase once a time.

Another is Auto Adjustment of Candidates Sequence, that means the display sequence of candidate Hanzi will be adjusted automatically according to how frequent the user picking up the Chinese character from the candidates.

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