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A longtime OS/2-eCS user in China

Several years passed since the first release of Bridge2-Hi and while I have got my lovely daughter. Her sweet smile always encourages and supports me overcoming the difficulties and getting to the new milestone.

Eleven years has passed since I started to fall in love with the OS/2 operating system. That was in the early part of 1995. The first version I used was OS/2 WARP 3.0 English version and the Simplified Chinese version. The smooth switching between several DOS sessions allowed me to be highly productive with OS/2. In latter years I bought OS/2 Warp 4.0 English version and then eComStation. When I wanted to purchase OS/2 Warp 4.0, I could not find the Chinese version available in the market. Recently I've seen that the beta version of the traditional Chinese version (ZH-TW) of eComStation has been released, and I hope we can see the simplified version in the near future!

I have had a dream for many years since I began to use OS/2 Warp 4.0 English version; to handle Chinese characters (Han Zi) smoothly in the English vesion of OS/2 Warp. Perhaps you also have woundered how to do this? For example, maybe you want to learn the Chinese language and want to know about the history, culture and the fantasitic changing of our great country by browsing the Chinese web pages and reading some Chinese books. Maybe you just want to surprise your Chinese friends by writing an email in the Chinese language!

Actually OS/2-eCS has realized half of my dream: as long as you have installed the operating system correctly and configured environment parameters for the application software, you can now read Chinese symbols as they will display! OS/2-eCS is a “Multi-lingual ready” operating system, and it has powerful national language support integrated well!

But what about the another half of the dream? Yes, it's Bridge2-Hi.

Above paragraphs are copy from my article "Surfing In The Colorful Chinese World With OS/2 And eComStation". I will explain how to prepare the operating system and how to setup the right environment parameters for various application software titles. You can read it >>>here  or


eZine, Volume I:Issue II, Spring 2006,Published: April 1, 2006. >>>http://ezine.os2ecs.org

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If you have any comment, suggestion to Bridge2-Hi or my self, please write email to me at Chenbiao@Bridge2.cn

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